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BOLDBOLD Gifting Opportunities Page

With so many different BOLD's projects, there are just as many opportunities to give support.

B.O.L.D. is sponsored by Lions, Lioness, and Leo Clubs of Districts 27-A1 and 27-A2 of Southeastern Wisconsin, people like you and area businesses. We are in the process of setting up a special account so you may make your tax deductible donations online. Until that time, you may make donations by mail. Make your donation check payable to Southeastern Wisconsin Lions BOLD, Inc. and mail to: BOLD President, 1757 Kettering Ridge, Richfield, Wisconsin 53076. BOLD is a non-profit corporation in the State of Wisconsin so you will receive a receipt for your generosity.

Money, of course, is always needed but you should also consider donating your time. BOLD has an event scheduled almost every other weekend for VIPs. We have a regular need for guides at many of these events. Please use the 'Join BOLD' section to contact us for more information.